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Public Info / BHD Server Information
Last post by medichunter -
Check the lobbies in

This will be the best place to find things and you will have the best results that way as well as the server list.

Public Info / Teamspeak Server Info
Last post by medichunter -
Our teamspeak server is still up and will always be. You may use it via this domain name to get to it.

No harassing others
No spamming other users via text channels
No causing server disruptions to other instances of things on the server
No abuse of high network usage for file transfer
No cursing moderate swearing is allowed as long as it is not made into a huge argument
No personal attacks against each other or you will be banned member or not from using our teamspeak server

Following the rules should make you have a good time on this server and you will see it will work well for everyone not just you. Everyone should have common sense what to do and what not to do.